Elmwood Properties Office


An internet outlet is located in every apartment.  You can find it, depending on the building, inside the kitchen cabinet or on the living room wall.

There is no user name or password.  The building has a commercial modem serving every internet outlet in every apartment.  Just plug your computer into the outlet for internet using a Cat 5 or Cat 6 patch cord.

If you want WIFI, then you need a router and another  Cat 5 or Cat 6 patch cord. Routers and Cat 5 and Cat 6 patch cords are sold in every electronics store and department such as Wal Mart or Target or Best Buy or Amazon.

Follow the instructions that come with your router for WIFI setup.


The laundry equipment runs off quarters.  This costs residents less than credit card laundries.  You can  trade $ for quarters at the Elmwood Properties office 1420 Rollins Ave SE.  Call in advance to let us know how many $10 quarter rolls you will need.

How to pay Rent:

  1. Complete rent coupon form for the corresponding month with each current resident's name
  2. Make one check per apartment for full amount of rent payable to: Elmwood Apartments
  3. Place rent payment and coupon in envelope and deliver to the mail box slot at 1420 Rollins Ave SE, Minneapolis, MN 55414

Resolving Parking Violations:

If you should find another vehicle parked in your assigned spot, please:

  1. Print and place a parkingviolation.pdfin the windshield of the offending vehicle.
  2. Call us at 612-623-4488 with the following information: Your parking space number; Your name; Cell phone number; building and apartment number; and Make, model and license plate of the offending vehicle.  We will check our records, and if it is not another resident vehicle we will arrange the towing.


Maintenance Requests:

If you have a maintenance request, please fill out the online Maintenance Request Form.