Penalty for Filthy Living Conditions


Our experience is that many residents are very neat and clean and organized, while a few are absolutely filthy. Filthy living conditions also affect other residents because ants, cockroaches, mice and other vermin are attracted.

Minneapolis and St. Paul are becoming much stricter about this, and we have no choice but to penalize residents who do not clean their apartments regularly.

Consequently, if, at any time we find your apartment in unsanitary condition, we will include a notation in the rental history records of said tenants for rental references on future apartments the tenants may desire. This entry will adversely affect one’s ability to find another decent apartment.

In addition, our leases have been modified to include monetary penalties for residents who do not maintain their apartments in a satisfactorily clean condition.

Also, if we find any apartment where the residents are living in unsanitary conditions, or in violation of Minneapolis or St. Paul housing codes, we can evict the residents.

Please remember: You must clean your kitchen and bathroom at least once a week. Accumulated grease and decaying food on your stove, on your counters, in your refrigerator, or anywhere, are a violation of the Minneapolis Housing Code. Similarly, your bathroom sinks; tub, toilet and floor must be cleaned at least once a week.