Heat and Air Conditioning Guides

Heat and AC: 1701 & 1725 Elm St SE and 1100 Como Ave SE

Control knob: You control the temperature. There is a knob on the radiator in the living room. The knob shows numbers 1 through 6. One is the lowest temperature and 6 are highest. You probably will never need more than 2 or 3. To adjust the temperature, push the red button and turn the knob. It is best to turn the heat all the way to 1, until it stops. You will have adequate heat. Please be careful of the knob. Keep your furniture a safe distance away so the knob is not damaged.

Radiators: Your radiators must be adjusted properly or they will not work. There is an adjustable fin in the middle. This must be set at the largest possible open angle. Otherwise, no air flows across the radiator, and no heat enters your room. Your radiators must be clear and exposed at least 6 inches in front. If you have a bed or furniture touching or close to the radiator, air cannot circulate around the heat element, and your room will be cold.

Heat and AC: 918 – 17th Ave SE and 1410 Rollins Ave SE

Control for heat and air conditioning 1410 Rollins Ave SE & 918 17th Ave SE Humidity control for 1410 – Keep at 40%

Heat control 1313 Como. Left side controls temperature, right knob fan speed.

Heat and AC: 1313 Como Avenue SE

The system is gas hot-water and is called "fan-coil". There is one radiator coil in each apartment. A fan blows over this coil and you control the fan speed with the knob adjacent to the thermostat. The resulting hot air is ducted by this same fan into each of the rooms, giving the effect of a forced air system. While the thermostat controls the temperature of the water in the radiator and maintains the temperature you set for the entire apartment, the fan also distributes the air. You can have more or less air movement, depending upon the air velocity you prefer. In any case, when the apartment air temperature you set on the thermostat is reached, the fan will shut off too. It will come back on automatically when the thermostat calls to re-adjust the air temperature again.


Please do not open your windows to “cool down” your apartment. Just turn down the heat. Adjust the control knob to its lowest setting. If your apartment is still too warm, please call us.