Refrigerator Guide


Most of the refrigerators are frost free and do not need defrosting. However, it your refrigerator forms ice, this is what to do:

NEVER use anything metal to chip ice from the freezer compartment. This will likely puncture the coils, rendering the refrigerator totally worthless, and you will have to buy a new refrigerator.

To defrost freezer compartment:

Defrost freezer compartment when frost becomes l/4-inch to l/2-inch thick in any area of the freezer. It may be necessary to defrost the freezer compartment frequently if the freezer is used often and/or there is high humidity. Remove contents from freezer compartment and turn temperature control to "O' position. Temperature control must remain at "O" position and freezer compartment door must stay open. To reduce the amount of thawing of frozen food while defrosting the Freezer compartment, store the food in a picnic cooler or other insulated container. Sponge up defrosted water as it collects in bottom of freezer compartment. Place a large folded bath towel at the front of the freezer compartment to soak up water and prevent it from running down the front of the refrigerator.

In addition to the visible frost in the freezer compartment, frost also forms on the hidden side of the freezer compartment surfaces. This frost will melt during defrosting and the defrost water will drain through the opening in the top of the fresh food compartment. To catch this water, place a quart-size container in the center of the top shelf under the opening. Leave the freezer compartment door open for at least two hours to defrost an average accumulation of frost.

After defrosting is completed, turn temperature control to desired setting and return food to freezer compartment. To reduce the moisture forming in your refrigerator, look for the energy saver switch on the back wall of the lower compartment inside your refrigerator. Move it to the right.

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