Resident Guide Security


Bad things happen to good people, and bad things can happen anywhere. The only way to reduce the number of times you have this kind of problem is to be prepared --- and to be alert!

Except for periods when more people are moving in and out, during a few days in May and August, the building doors should always be closed and locked. There are times during the day when the maintenance manager may prop open or unlock a door so that our employees can get in and out, because we do not give them keys.

All apartment entry doors and balcony doors have Minneapolis-code approved deadbolts AND non-key barrel-bolts. No one is going to enter your apartment IF YOU LOCK AND BOLT YOUR DOORS AND WINDOWS.

At 1701 and 1725 Elm St SE, the building hallways, the front and rear entries, the parking lots and laundries have video cameras recording continuously, whether someone in the camera view or not. At 1701 and 1725 Elm St SE, 1100 Como and 1313 Como, uniformed policemen walk the halls and property every Friday and Saturday night and at random times during the week.

Living in the city, around the U of M, you MUST pay attention to security. You must coordinate with your roommates to close and lock the windows and doors when the last person leaves the apartment. CLOSE AND LOCK ALL THE DOORS AND WINDOWS, PLEASE AND KEEP THEM CLOSED.

We do everything we can to help you reduce the probability of a security problem while living here. However, ONLY YOU can do the most important things to be secure. KEEP YOUR DOORS AND WINDOWS LOCKED.


Please do not leave valuables clearly visible on the seats, and always lock your doors and close your windows. It is amazing how many people leave wallets or purses or electronic equipment in plain sight, for anyone to take. If you leave it there, you are just asking for someone to steal it.


The bike racks are not guaranteed security, no matter what kind of lock you have. If you have a valuable bike, please bring it inside your apartment. If the winter, we provide you with a floor protector.